Contact Center

     The call center technology available today is abundant. It ranges from traditional commercial-based solutions, open source solutions to part-open source solution. The decision-making in relation to such technology has become quite a challenge as there are too many choices available. Pricing is one of the frequent questions that factors in the decision – namely, if it’s “cheap”, will it do the job or meet your requirements? The question to ask here is: “Can I really take advantage of newer generation IP technology-based solutions and enjoy its financial benefits, or should I stay with the traditional solutions and continue to pay for the hefty prices of hardware, licenses and services?”

      Accordia Customer Interaction Suites (CIS), as your solution, addresses the above concerns. Accordia CIS provides a complete IP Call Center Solution which makes it well-suited for application across any industry or specific utilization purposes. Unlike the traditional call center solution which adopts a piecemeal mentality to functionality, Accordia CIS is developed for ease of use consisting of a suite of integrated applications that are necessary to operate and manage a call center efficiently. It takes advantage of the cost-effective Asterisk Open Source IP Telephony platform and provides the necessary functionality and reporting that is required to manage a professional-enterprise grade call center.


A hosted, managed cloud contact center solution

  • Are you ready to stop managing your call center system?
  • Do you need to have your call center system up and running right away?
  • Do you want your call center system to upgrade to the newest version automatically?
  • Do you want developed for ease of use consisting?


An owned and operated contact center solution

  • Do you want to control and manage your call center system in-house?
  • Do you plan to deploy your call center system during a coming quarter?
  • Do you prefer to have your IT team upgrade your call center system on their schedule?

Do you prefer a planned capital investment to a monthly operational expense?